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Benefits of Forex trading

Post  commexfx broker on Tue Jun 17, 2014 6:27 pm

What is Forex trading?

Forex is an acronym for Foreign Exchange Markets. Forex is further denoted by the symbol FX a well known term among investors, bankers and stock brokers across the world. The Foreign Exchange Market or currency market is a global, decentralized market for trading of currencies. Major international banks are the core participants in the FX market.

Financial centers around the world provide a convenient platform for trading in currencies among multiple buyers and sellers round the clock with the exception of weekends. And the FX market operates on several levels.

Let us briefly look at some unique advantages of FX trading.

24 hour market
As already mentioned in the introductory paragraph the FX trading operates on a 247 basis with the exception of weekends. Trading across the world starts when the markets open in Australia on Sunday evening and closes when markets end at New York Stock Exchange on Friday evening.

High Liquidity
Liquidity is when you can easily convert an asset into cash with minimum price fluctuations. In FX market one can easily effect transactions by moving huge lots of foreign currencies in and out of the market with least price fluctuations.

Low transaction cost
As per FX terminology the cost for a transaction is added with the price i.e. Buying price of the currency itself. This in other words is called a spread. Spread is the difference between the buying price and the selling price.

The leveraging factor is nothing but the ability to trade more money in the market than what is actually available on the traders’ account. Forex brokers allow traders to make profits on the leveraging factor. If you are allowed to trade on a leverage factor of 50:1 ratio it means you can trade for $50 with $1 capital available on your account. You can control a trade volume of $50,000 with just $1000 worth of capital.

You need to open a Forex trading account online to be able to buy and sell foreign currencies. For every FX currency you buy, your account will be credited with the aforesaid amount. For every FX transaction you effect in terms of selling the corresponding currency will be debited from your online Forex Account. The profits you incur of the same will be wired directly into your account through Paypal.

Profit potential from rising and falling markets
You can trade freely in the market as far as your potential goes. If you feel a currency price will go up, you can buy it, in other words, go long. Increased currency price indicates you can sell it at the much increased price. You can compensate for huge profits by trading on volumes. On the other hand, if you feel the currency value is going to drop, you can sell it or go short.

Seasoned stock traders can make huge amount of profits and even become overnight millionaires. On the other hand, if you crave for huge amount of profits and start trading without following the tricks of the trade you can also end up losing a lot of money. Thus, you should exercise caution while you are operating in the Forex market or stock market.

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Choosing A Forex Broker!

Post  commexfx broker on Tue Jun 17, 2014 8:56 pm

The FX market is such a fiercely competitive market that just thinking about which broker to approach will be a tiresome task, especially if you are not sure what you are looking for!

Role of a Broker

In order to trade in the FX markets you need an FX broker. But what is a Broker?

A broker (brokerage firm) is a place where buyers and sellers of different currencies, from the FX markets, come together to buy and sell. It operates as a middle man between the trader and the market, and it also provides the financial tools required to be able to carry out these transactions, such as the online trading platforms.

Factors to help choose a Broker

Regulation and licencing
A crucial point when choosing a broker, you are investing your money in this entity so it is important that it is regulated and authorized within its financial jurisdiction.

Safety of Funds
A reputable broker should take extreme measures to ensure that client’s funds are always 100% secure and governed by the principal of SAFETY.

Client’s accounts should be segregated and kept in different accounts to company accounts.

The broker should also guarantee it uses reputable banks for clients to deposit their funds.

Variety of Methods for Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds
A successful broker should cater for the needs of all its traders. Therefore, it should offer a variety of fast and efficient payment methods where deposits and withdrawals are carried out at great speed and without problems.

The methods of payment should also be safe and secure.

Tight Spreads
An attractive feature for traders as the lower the spread, the more profit they can make.

Fast Execution
The faster the execution of the trade the more satisfied a trader is, as he is obtains the price he wants, as well as seeing the market depth of the price itself. There is an element of transparency with the absence of a Dealing Desk.

Variety of Accounts
A good broker will offer its traders a variety of accounts, with different contract size, lots traded, different leverage and different stop levels and margin calls.

Online Trading Software
Since online forex trading takes place on trading platforms, make sure the broker you choose offers the latest trading platform, which must be user-friendly and reliable, as well as fats and efficient.

The platform should offer easy-to-use technical and charting tools, educational tools, financial instruments to use and should be available in different languages.

Excellent Customer Service
The importance of a good customer service remains undisputed. A client needs to have confidence that his problems and queries will be solved at all times, facilitating his trading activity.

All in all, the more experienced you become in FX trading and the industry itself, the easier the selection task for an FX broker!

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CommexFX participates in World Cup mania by launching its own contest!

Post  commexfx broker on Wed Jun 18, 2014 5:16 pm

CommexFX participates in World Cup mania by encouraging FX traders to participate in a Football Contest to guess the winning teams of the contest.

The contest will ran throughout the entire World Cup season which starts on Thursday 12th June and ends on Sunday 13th July 2014.

There will be 3 prizes given to our winning participants and their names and account numbers will be posted on Facebook after the World Cup ends on 13th July 2014.

The prizes will be as follows: an iPad, an iPhone and a Tablet. All prizes will be named on Facebook.

Learn more

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Post  commexfx broker on Thu Jun 19, 2014 4:59 pm

CommexFX participates in World Cup mania by encouraging FX traders to participate in a Football Contest to guess the winning teams of the contest.

How to participate
Only new clients or CommexFX clients who have never deposited in their live trading account are eligible to participate. Existing clients of CommexFX who have previously deposited are not eligible for participation.

In order for any eligible client to participate, a live CommexFX trading account needs to be opened with a minimum deposit of $200. The supporting account documents need to be submitted as well (proof of ID and proof of residence)

CommexFX Facebook will post the table of games throughout the duration of the contest, as well as updated information of the game results. All you need to do is guess the overall winner of each of the 8 groups for the first stage which lasts from 12th June till 26th June and send us a message via Facebook quoting your full name and account number.
You do the same during the Round 16th Stage which last from 28th June till 1st July ; the same for the Quarter Final Stage , taking place on the 4th and 5th July ; and the Semi-Final Stage on 8th and 9th July. The date of the Final Game is the 12th July 2014.
Read More

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Post  commexfx broker on Thu Jun 19, 2014 8:36 pm

Confidence is the answer to successful trading, it will help you master your trading strategy and enable you to conquer the world of FX trading!

The question we ask ourselves is how is this confidence achieved? The answer is not that simple as a number of intricate factors are involved in the confidence mechanism. First, one must arm himself with knowledge of the FX markets, how they operate, what tools are required, how do platforms work and, the most important, when to trade? All of these can be learnt, either by self-educating yourself with the use of webinars, seminars, manuals and other educational tools available online everywhere, and a demo account can be opened with any FX broker and serve as a practice tool since it simulates the exact trading conditions as a real live account but without the risk of losing funds as they are virtual.

Losing trades can serve to build confidence in your trading strategy, simply analyze why you lost that trade, or why it failed and that loss will be ‘the best teacher’ you will ever have. You can also evaluate your daily trading journal to check what went wrong and this will eventually prevent the losses from happening again.

Winning a trade or two is a great confidence-booster, but it can also give you a false sentiment of confidence that you have mastered the art of FX trading! Imagine the ‘first-time lucky scenario’ where you place some trades and succeed with all of them? This may urge you to invest greater amounts of funds into your trading account and rush to over-trade, with a great possibility of losing all the funds. This situation can be dangerous, as it derived from pure luck, no thinking or skills were actually involved. In fact, this situation could be described as ‘false’ confidence, and this is exactly what needs to be avoided at all costs.

As opposed to ‘false’ confidence, your aim should be to obtain ‘real’ confidence. This will be achieved by developing a trading plan, not over-trading until you are armed with both knowledge and confidence, never risking more than you can afford to lose and using positive trading habits. The golden rule here is to never ever rely on ‘luck’; this can be as destructive as it can be joyous!!

Perseverance is another confidence- booster; ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!’ A successful trading strategy will only be developed over time, so patience is a key factor. Learn from the ‘silly trades’ which failed to learn why they failed and avoid them the next time round. In fact, these ‘mistakes’ are the ones that will greatly improve your trading strategy as they will serve as a lesson. Remember, no one was born how to trade in FX, it is a process which requires perseverance, determination, dedication, knowledge and a lot of patience!!!

So having now learnt that luck is to be avoided when developing our trading strategy, let’s enter this intriguing and fast pace world of FX trading by building an indestructible confidence, arm ourselves with powerful knowledge and begin positive and successful trading!!!

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Post  commexfx broker on Wed Jun 25, 2014 6:42 pm

The love affair between the West and Asia continues to strengthen. While the rest of the world is dealing with a global economic crisis, the Asian markets are growing at a breathless pace, and this is even more noticeable in the financial sector.

Western firms have noticed this niche and eagerly want to gather clients from all over Asia, namely China, Vietnam and Indonesia, by signing strategic partnerships with local IBs and the set-up of offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and even Australia.

The attractive characteristics of the Asian markets are the fact that its financial markets are very developed, the traders are savvy and the region is free from financial and economic crisis which has infected parts of Europe. The number of people inhabiting these areas results in high volumes which is highly appealing to brokers. Technology is also very advanced in this region and this also contributes to the rise of these markets.

The key to a full penetration of the Asian markets is understanding the culture and the language. English is not widely spoken and the Asian people feel more comfortable dealing with someone in their own language, they also use certain means of communication which differs from the rest of the world; in China Facebook and YouTube are banned and they prefer to chat via QQ, and use YOUKU and TOUDU.

Another success story with Asians is the use of bonus credits as promotional campaigns; they love this. The ideal scenario for them is that they get either a no-deposit bonus when opening a real account ($50, $100 or $200) or that on depositing funds, they get a bonus credit of 50% or sometimes even 100% of the amount deposited. These bonuses are generally not withdrawable and serve as a cushion for trades.


Western firms have discovered that a safe way to enter the FX Far Eastern markets is via a local IB, or local representatives; or even with a White Label solution with Revenue Share. This way they have a local representative, promoting their products in their language and with their local know-how, guaranteeing more of a response.

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Awards Review-CommexFX Does It Again!

Post  commexfx broker on Wed Jun 25, 2014 8:54 pm

CommexFX does it again!! Yet another award to adorn the office mantelpiece, this last one for the Most Transparent Broker 2014, received at this month’s Jordan Forex Expo which took place in Amaan.

So far, in the first half of 2014, CommexFX has received 3 outstanding rewards from recognised bodies in the FX industry; apart from the award mentioned above, CommexFX also received the Best White Label Solution 2014 and the Best Global Trade Execution 2014, both announced at the CIOTEXPO in Shanghai in May 2014.

CommexFX ‘s brokerage services not only receive constant international recognition for excellence, supreme customer care and remarkable product innovation, but they are also committed to global outreach. CommexFX is not only attending international expos in a bid to create international product awareness, but will be opening offices around the world in order to service its clients on a local level and at the same time create jobs within the community. The CommexFX global expansion will soon hit the headlines, watch the reviews and keep your eyes

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Daily Outlook 26-06-2014

Post  commexfx broker on Thu Jun 26, 2014 7:11 pm

At 1.3650, Euro (1.3633) has tried the higher end of its tight contracting extent of 1.3550-1.3650 yet it needs to affirm the bullishness by a break over 1.3680-90, which may prompt revives towards 1.38 or more.

Dollar-Yen (101.75) is stuck in the reach of 101.50-102.75 for the about two weeks not surprisingly. Presently just a break over 102.70 or beneath 101.50 may bring any directional move. The Euro-Yen (138.71) has been in a lethargic mode as both Euro & Yen are stagnant for the last few days. In any case it runs the downside danger of testing 137 however there is a bullish inversion plausibility, recommended by pointers, to be affirmed just on a break over 139.50-60.

Pound (1.6990) is amending the last sharp climb and may test 1.6925-1.6900 now yet this rectification ought to be constrained to 1.69 to keep the bullish force in place.

A breakout in a low instability environment is extremely troublesome and Aussie (0.9400) demonstrated that by neglecting to break over 0.9440-60 and go into the extent of 0.9200-0.9450 which may proceed for a couple of sessions more.

Gold (1318.90) changed profoundly in the 1325-1310 locale. Note that the 1325-1330 zone is vital and can possibly push the costs down to 1300-1290 and further to 1250 levels. The Gold-WTI proportion (12.35) has precisely fallen off from safety at 12.5 and may now tumble to 12-11.3 levels demonstrating that Gold costs may drop in the impending sessions.

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CommexFX the Altruist

Post  commexfx broker on Thu Jun 26, 2014 8:21 pm

We have seen that CommexFX cares about its traders by providing them with the best brokerage services and trading conditions in the market, but did you know that it also cares about the environment and supports all cultural and traditional events that take place in Limassol, the city where it is based?

Last year, CommexFX was honoured to sponsor the 50th year Anniversary of the Limassol Chamber of Commerce, held under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Cyprus. The Chamber encourages the economic development of Limassol by promoting all activities which raise funds for the social and economic sectors of the city; it is also fervently involved in the opening of new businesses, as well as offering substantial services to its businesses-members and solving local issues. The living proof of the Institute’s goals is the development of road projects, the Cyprus University of Technology, the Techno Park and a number of tourist infrastructure projects (e.g. marina, Conference Centre, etc.). Many reviews were written about this underlining a sentiment of admiration for CommexFX, and yet they just took it in their stride.

Yet again in September 2013, CommexFX demonstrated its commitment to tradition and cultural events by partially sponsoring the Afamia Grape festival, with its musical nights of folkloric dance and music. As per the reviews, the money raised from this festival, supports the Communal Volunteering Committee which provides services to senior citizens, including the provision of food and a 24 hour care.

CommexFX not only exceeds in excellence but it also cares about you, the trader, and the world you live in; it supports all worthy causes and believes that there is always room for improvement not only in the workspace but also surrounding us.

Trade with CommexFX and learn to be an altruist too!!!

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Daily Outlook 27-06-2014

Post  commexfx broker on Fri Jun 27, 2014 6:26 pm

EUR at a finer cost. Presently the EUR is obstructed underneath the H4 Sma200 cost however when it is broken, our first target will be the safety territory 1.3650-1.3665. Really wide and really solid one, that will be amazingly difficult to break, however a few spikes to 1.3670-75 are conceivable, yet i surmise that the cost will stay beneath 1.3665 till Monday.

NZD has recorded a crisp high at 0.8792. Day by day and week by week are to a great degree bullish yet on H4 pointers demonstrate a downside rectification has begun, so be cautious. I think you may attempt little Short in front of 0.88 and TP at 0.8740

AUD is bullish on practically untouched edges, yet a few revisions to 0.9425 are conceivable, the pair is focusing on 0.9445 and will attempt to record another high, yet i think promptly after another high is recorded the pair will right to the downside to 0.9400

JPY has picked the best place to push the dollar to the downside. This is the cross purpose of Daily Sma200 and Daily negative Senkou Span A cost at 101.75. In the event that the cost is not fit to close once more over 101.65 today, then no good thing for the dollar’s future here.

GBP – there is probably pound is searching for a new high, however keep in mind we are breaking the Monthly negative cloud and i think the adjustment to the downside will happen one month from now. Furthermore work then 1.71 will be the target. You ought to be prepaired to take your benefits from long soon. We are bullish as long as the pair is over 1.7030. In the event that there is any spike to 1.7010 the pair will rapidly recuperate to the upside

GOLD even now moving inside the negative day by day cloud, with a reasonable “banner” development untouched and an incredible probability to passageway the cloud to the upside. Resistances are 1331 and 1339. Some place closer to the second you may attempt little SHORT, in light of the fact that i anticipate that the cost will return once again to 1315 not long after the upside is over.

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CommexFX Goes Swiss

Post  commexfx broker on Fri Jun 27, 2014 10:16 pm

CommexFX is pleased to add Swiss credibility to its range of products by offering the JForex platform. The JForex is a leading web-based platform, tailored to the specific trading strategy for each client and meeting their technical requirements.

The JForex platform reflects Dukascopy’s testament to innovative technology, it is JAVA based and runs on any operating system, and can run on numerous devices simultaneously. It is available on iPhone, iPad and IOS platforms.

CommexFX’s new and existing clients can now access the SWFX (Swiss Marketplace), one of the world’s largest liquidity aggregators, meaning that execution is fast and reliable, there is no price manipulation or dealing desk intervention and pricing is transparent.

The forex platform is provided by Dukascopy, a well-known Swiss Bank and a White Label partner of CommexFX.

‘In keeping to our motto of exceeding in excellence, we, at CommexFX, are pleased to announce a partnership with Dukascopy Bank, which will add credibility to our already superior products and allow our clients access to the SWFX, as well as an excellent execution and outstanding customer service; all within a reputable ECN environment allowing a simple integration of spot FX online trading. We believe that FX trading and advanced technology go hand-in-hand so therefore this partnership with Dukascopy we hope will be a long-term relationship, focused on bringing us many benefits, both in client caliber as well a great international recognition.’

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Daily Outlook 2-07-2014

Post  commexfx broker on Wed Jul 02, 2014 7:55 pm

British pound keeps on posting additions on Tuesday, as GBP/USD exchanges the mid-1.71 extent in the North American session. On the discharge front, British Manufacturing PMI enhanced somewhat in June to 56.7 focuses, posting a seven-month high. In the US, ISM Manufacturing PMI indicated little change and met desires.

USD/CAD is indicating little development on Tuesday, as the pair exchanges the mid-1.06 reach right on time in the North American session. On the discharge front, the ISM Manufacturing PMI was very nearly unaltered in June and met desires. Exchanging is relied upon to be thin on Tuesday, with Canadian markets shut for a national occasion.

Australian dollar has posted increases on Tuesday, as the pair exchanges somewhat beneath the 0.95 level right on time in the North American session. In budgetary news, the RBA kept up investment rate levels at 2.50%. The Aussie likewise accepted a help from Chinese Final Manufacturing PMI, which posted its most noteworthy perusing since December. In the US, the ISM Manufacturing PMI was very nearly unaltered a month ago.

USD/JPY has posted unobtrusive additions on Tuesday, as the pair exchanges the high-101 extent late in the European session on Monday. On the discharge front, the Tankan Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing Indices both mollified in May, indicating diminished financial action. In the US, today’s highlight is ISM Manufacturing PMI, with the businesses expecting a solid perusing in June.

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Daily Outlook 3-07-2014

Post  commexfx broker on Thu Jul 03, 2014 7:20 pm

Euro (1.3650) is revising delicately in front of the ECB meet today yet a ton of instability is normal now. Shortcoming will rise underneath 1.3615-00 and quality over 1.3700.

Dollar-Yen (101.86) is skipping up not surprisingly and it may well ricochet to 102.50 levels now. The reach of 101.20-102.75 may proceed for some more of a chance. The Euro-Yen (139.05) is exchanging around the safety of 139 after a rally on the again of a stronger Euro and a firm break over 139 may take it to 140.00-50 levels.

Pound (1.7156) is exchanging with a great deal of bullish force and the solid industrial facility yield has helped it more. Presently it may achieve 1.72 not surprisingly or significantly higher in a day or two.

It ended up being a false breakout over 0.9460 for Aussie (0.9377) as it fell strongly a while later. On the off chance that the help zone of 0.9350-20 breaks, the whole uptrend might be debilitated.

Gold (1324.16) has been steady and may stay consolidative for a couple of sessions. The 1325-1350 locale is significant however while underneath 1325, we may expect a fall towards 1310-1300. Note that it is not able to support an ascent over 1325 for the present. The week by week safety close to 1330 is as of now holding for the time being.

Silver (21.0661) is additionally steady yet appears to move in the long run up focusing on 21.5-22.5 in the close term. Gold-Silver degree (62.737) is extended inside the 63.098-62.37 area and until a break on either side of the reach, we can’t focus further course.

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Account Types

Post  commexfx broker on Fri Jul 04, 2014 6:01 pm

At CommexFX we facilitate the choice for all types of trader, whether you are an individual or a large corporation, whether you are an experienced trader or a novice trader, we provide a choice of 5 accounts, allowing you to discover the benefits of our excellent trading conditions: a range of instruments, flexible leverage, tight spreads, fast execution and direct access to market depth, all within an ECN/STP environment.

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Daily Outlook 4-07-2014

Post  commexfx broker on Fri Jul 04, 2014 7:15 pm

Euro (1.3609) broke the uptrending channel after the ECB meet and the ensuing soak soften up EURGBP (0.7927) proposes more downside, even upto 1.35. Keep an eye on the backings at 1.3580 and 1.3550.

Dollar-Yen (102.13) is near our focus of 102.50 after the US NFP information supported the Dollar yet the extent of 101.20-102.75 may proceed for some more of a chance. The Euro-Yen (138.99) remained generally unaltered as both the Euro and Yen debilitated at the same time. The more extensive extent of 138-140 doesn’t hint at any breaking soon.

Pound (1.7166) is unaffected by every one of those happenings in ECB or US and continues exchanging with a considerable measure of bullish force. Presently it may achieve 1.72 of course or considerably higher soon.

After the false breakout over 0.9460, Aussie (0.9358) has tried the whole help band of 0.9350-20 and now it must bob higher without making any new low to keep the officially undermined uptrend alive.

Gold (1319.343) fell pointedly yesterday after the US NFP turned out superior to gauges. The heading further is misty unless we see a break on either side of the 1300-1325 extent. 1350 on the upside could be focused on if a break over 1325 is seen. General the pattern stays down.

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Daily Outlook 8-07-2014

Post  commexfx broker on Tue Jul 08, 2014 6:00 pm

Euro (1.3604) is trying our backing of 1.3580-50 and a break over 1.3600 may create a bob to 1.3640-50 where the merchants may return once more. The proceeded with shortcoming in EURGBP (0.7940) recommends more downside, even up to 1.35, particularly if EURGBP neglects to bob from the channel backing of 0.7905-0.7900.

With the unaltered arrangement of BOJ & no extra QE in sight, the upward capability of Dollar-Yen (101.79) is restricted and the scope of 101.20-102.75 may proceed for some more of a chance. The Euro-Yen (138.48) dropped forcefully by virtue of a frail Euro and stagnant Yen however the more extensive scope of 138-140 must break before a definitive run rises.

Pound (1.7134) is unaffected by each one of those happenings in ECB or US and continues exchanging with a great deal of bullish force. Presently it may achieve 1.72 not surprisingly or significantly higher not long after the current combination closes.

After the false breakout over 0.9460, Aussie (0.9388) has tried the whole help band of 0.9350-20 and now it must skip higher without making any new low to keep the officially undermined uptrend alive.

Gold (1317.721) and Silver (20.991) are steady for the time being and may show went developments in for some more of an opportunity. A break on either bearing could be normal which would launch sharp moves. In any case, the long haul pattern is down.

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Claim Up to $ 10,000 Bonus Now

Post  commexfx broker on Tue Jul 08, 2014 6:21 pm

Are you ready to receive up to $10,000 BONUS?
The minimum deposit is $500 and the minimum amount of lots traded is 200.
The promotion will run for a month from 1st July 2014.

More Info

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Post  commexfx broker on Thu Jul 10, 2014 6:54 pm

As with all FX brokers, CommexFX has been both admired and criticised, but we continue to strive for perfection, we believe in our goals and we know that we will be throned the Kings of the FX world in the near future.

Below are some CommexFX reviews from clients:

‘CommexFX is the best broker I have experienced..they are always fast when withdrawing my money and that suits me fine as I travel a lot!! I don’t care about what some reviews say about it being a scammer…my friends and I are very happy ‘

‘I had a problem with depositing funds as it was a weekend, once I spoke to customer support they informed me that this was because I need to support my account with documents in order to trade. This is all to do with safety and this certainly reassures me…’

Some traders reacted to some CommexFX reviews, assuming that it was the same company as CommexTrade :

‘What a ridiculous assumption! I have been trading with CommexFX for 10 months now and never heard of this CommexTrade name! For me the fact that CommexFX is a CySEC regulated broker, and a member of the ICF, provides sufficient security….sometimes you cannot believe everything you hear!’

‘CommexTrade? Never heard of them, as long as my funds are held in segregated accounts by an FX CySEC regulated broker such as CommexFX, the rest is not important!!’

‘Traders will agree that a friendly but professional customer care is one of the key features when selecting a broker. CommexFX has been criticised for not having a professional chat service but I enjoy chatting to them, to the extreme that I am on first name basis with most of the support staff!!’

As a broker we not only want to offer our traders the very best trading conditions, such as low spreads, flexible leverage and market depth prices, but we also want to offer the most technically advanced products around, this is why we keep adding new platforms to our range of trading platforms.

Some CommexFX reviews mentioned their trading platforms:

‘I love the cTrader! I trade on the go so it’s perfect for me and I particularly love the one click trading feature, as well as not having to calculate the spread difference, all done for me, great!! Love also the charting abilities, extremely user-friendly!!’

We have now added Swiss credibility to our range of platforms by joining forces with Dukascopy, the Swiss Bank, and offering the JForex trading platform!!

CommexFX cannot go wrong! Once again, they proof their seriousness, this time by offering the well-recognised web-based JForex trading platform!! I can’t wait to trade with this immaculate Swiss platform, although the MT4 will always be my favourite!!’

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Broker Forex Review

Post  commexfx broker on Fri Jul 11, 2014 7:29 pm

A Broker Forex review is based on the overall goodwill or reputation which the firm earns over a period of time. This tremendous feat is plausible if the firm has well performing investor traders forming a part of the business.

How does a good trading plan helps you with success in the FX markets?

A detailed look in the same

Having a good trading plan in place before you actually embark on trading is like having a map in hand before you start travelling. They both give you a headstart that helps you determine the purpose of trading/travelling or the path towards you are heading into. In particular, the trading plan helps you achieve goals in trading transactions with a clear vision in mind. You may be experienced on a demo platform but when you are about to trade with real money, it is required to plan before executing. This is because there are a lot of factors in the real time market which are more challenging and confusing with the monetary aspect involved.

In a nutshell, a good trading plan will help you to:

Identify your goals
Organize market research and trading activities
Decide when to take a position and in what direction and
Manage your emotions and trading risk once you enter a position.
Emotional balance-need of the hour

It is necessary to keep your emotions at bay while trading in the currency market. All of us know pretty well that the foreign currency markets are highly volatile and risky; one simply cannot be on a winning streak all the time. Simultaneously, it is also not likely to make terrible losses throughout your trading span. Do understand the fact it is a string of losses coupled with gains that makes up the market. Even experienced Forex traders are no exception to this.

Common emotions like greed, fear and too much of hope can in fact cause havoc to your trading performance. A savvy trader keeps invariably calm whatever the market circumstances may be.

Both Forex and Futures traders have a sound trading plan in place

A diverse trader will take part in all forms of exchange- day traders, scalpers, spreaders, open traders as well as brokers executing orders for their clients. Though the frenzie activities may sound confusing and chaotic, these traders manage to pull it off with ease.

How is it possible? They have a systematic trading plan in place. You may use the most sophisticated trading platform in the country, say Meta Trader 5, but if you do not resort to a strict plan and be disciplined on performing trade activities, you will turn out to be a real flopper. No matter how much effort you put in the business!

Elements to incorporate in a trading plan are as follows:

Profitability goals
How to determine the size of positions
How to manage positions once taken
Objective criteria that the trader will use for selecting, entering and exiting of trades.
Summing up, the core aspects on how to frame a proper plan have been thoroughly discussed. It is on your will to take action accordingly. Draft an effective plan, work on the demo and then open a real time trading account. The ladder to success is not very far away from that.

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Daily Outlook 14-07-2014

Post  commexfx broker on Mon Jul 14, 2014 6:38 pm

The discourse by the ECB president Mario Draghi today may focus the fleeting heading for the Euro and thus the Dollar as well. Continue viewing.

Euro (1.3603) has been solidifying in the more extensive scope of 1.35-1.37 throughout the previous 6 weeks and may keep doing so. Presently it may achieve the 1.3650-1.37 afresh before switching towards the lower end.

Dollar-Yen (101.36) keeps on traing sideways in the old scope of 101.20-102.75 almost as expected after the false break down t 101.07 and there is still no indication of a break impending. Euro-Yen (137.87) is exchanging beneath the 2 month old scope of 138-140 and any failure to rapidly return inside that go may drag the cost down to the long haul channel backing of 137 or even 136.30.

Pound (1.7114) is unaffected by each one of those happenings in ECB or US and continues uniting at the more elevated amounts for almost two weeks. Presently it may achieve 1.72 of course or considerably higher after the current amendment closes.

Aussie (0.9400) is stuck in the band of 0.9320-0.9500 throughout the previous 5 weeks. A break over 0.9525 may bring about a rally towards 0.98 however a break beneath 0.9320 would bring about a drop to the long haul backing of 0.92. Anticipate that sideways move will proceed till a breakout happens in either bearing.

Gold (1334.92) is steady for the time being keeping in mind exchanging over 1330, it may target safety close to 1350-1360 on the upside. Close term rally is in energy.

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Economic and Social Indicators that affect a Forex Broker’s review

Post  commexfx broker on Tue Jul 15, 2014 7:28 pm

There is a number of both economic and social factors that affect a forex broker’s review. Included in a review is mostly the performance of brokerage firms discussed at length by different forums world-wide. The global turn-over in exchange of foreign currencies is what in finality distinguishes the best forex firms from the not so good ones. It additionally tells us about the state-of-affairs of a particular economy or a group of economies where businesses and commercial establishments form the hub of world trade.

Factors that have a major impact on FX market are as follows:

Government policy changes

When a poll of elections is finalised, the economic situation of the nation (any country for that matter) is in a very volatile state. The previous Government is required to hand over the papers to the newly formed Government. During the interim period political unrest prevails across the nation. This has a tough impact on the rising and falling of currencies. Either the currency rises sky high or dips very sharply.

The Government also keeps rolling new policies and updates on financial matters from time to time fact that also pretty much affects the smooth functioning of FX markets.

Economic factors

When the economy of the nation is optimistic about its current state of affairs then there is a boom all over. This in turn leads to a positive impact on the dynamic currency market.

On the other hand, when the economy of the nation is facing an extreme downswing, negative impact is felt in trade markets as well. Rising figures in terms of unemployment, political block outs or strikes by industrial associates and rising inflation cause the economy to swing in the negative direction. Of course, FX markets are no exception to this. At a point of time when the worldwide economy is facing an extreme recession, one has to exercise complete caution on trading with currencies.

Notes: Recession refers to complete economic un-rest or in-active state of affairs pertaining to the economic activities.

Retail sales index

The economic surge of activities is tested by the particular method. An average is taken from the sales turn-over reports of multiple products and services churned out by economies. A cluster of retail and service establishments participate in the survey and figure is finally arrived at. If an increased value of sales turn-over is achieved compared to the results of previous quarter it is estimated that the economy is experiencing a big time boom. Else it is facing a sluggish phase. This determines the rise and fall of currencies.

Consumer price index

Another yet economic as well as social indicator to gauge where the economy is heading towards. Consumer Price Index known as CPI denotes changes/amendments made to prices of goods and services in around 200 categories. This report can tell whether a company is making profits on goods and services or not. This also counts for whether the economy has a robust and exponential export growth leading to increased earnings of foreign currencies from different nations.

We have covered some of the socio-economic factors that can help you determine whether currencies are going up or dipping down. Further, this indicators are useful for Forex forecasters who are in this way able to predict market behavior.

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Growth of CommexFX

Post  commexfx broker on Wed Jul 16, 2014 5:59 pm

To exceed in excellence was our motto at birth in 2011, but as we grow and our popularity sweeps through across the globe, we now want to be identified as the ‘local, global’ broker.

CommexFX is growing; there is no doubt about that! We are not only attending international expos abroad and collecting numerous awards for Best ECN Forex broker(Dubai), Best Online Platform ( China), Best White Label Solution (Shanghai), Best Global Trade Execution (Shanghai), Best ECN Newcomer Asia ( China), but we are also being represented by a committed team of agents all over Asian countries.

Naturally, the ideal situation is to have offices worldwide, but until we achieve that goal, we encourage our Asian clients to communicate with the many talented and professional reps located outside their front door and personally hand-picked by CommexFX!

Having a local office breaks down language and culture barriers, traders feel more comfortable and the element of trust is established between client and trader. Trust is a key element as it can result in guaranteed referrals, and it is common knowledge that happy traders will contribute to the success of any broker!

Language is obviously one of the most important factors needed to service your army of foreign clients, but also you need to be able to provide them with payment gateways which they are used to and which are permitted within their financial jurisdiction, so the funding mechanism needs to be completely operational.

Many cultures, especially in Asia, need to trust a broker before they can trade, they need to have customer support in their language available at all hours; and once this is achieved they are very capable of spreading the word, so to speak, and that is the moment when referrals begin to emerge. Happy referrals generate volume and this is one of our goals…one of many !!

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Post  commexfx broker on Thu Jul 17, 2014 6:45 pm

CommexFX is a connoisseur of the FX markets and it uses this expertise to offer its clients the very best of trading conditions and products the FX industry has to offer!

CommexFX’s CySEC licence offers a client the feeling that he is dealing with a regulated broker, which is a key factor nowadays. The company is also authorised by European regulatory bodies, such as FCA, BaFIN, MiFID and so on, adding credibility and a touch of seriousness to trading with CommexFX.

All clients’ accounts are segregated, which is an additional plus, and all clients trade in a pure ECN /STP trading environment, with no dealing desk and price manipulation; the clients get to see the market depth of real prices too.

At CommexFX, clients have a choice of various trading accounts offering unique features and functionality all specifically designed to simplify the clients trading strategy, whether you are a novice or experienced trader.

Clients can trade forex through the award-winning, state-of-the-art platforms, MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader 4 Multiterminal; and we are on the verge of launching the popular web-based JForex trading platform, adding Swiss credibility to its high calibre range of products!

The latest CommexFX review talks about the joint venture between CommexFX and Dukascopy, the Swiss Bank.

So apart from these superior trading conditions of low spreads, flexible leverage, fast execution, ECN trading environment, various types of accounts, various types of funding methods, and technically advanced online trading platforms, what else does CommexFX offer?

As per the latest CommexFX review, CommexFX has just launched an impressive affiliate program offering the best payouts in the industry, we have all the tools you need to capitalise on promoting us and in return we will pay you high commissions. All you need to do is join us as an IB, and maximise your profitability, or become our affiliate and refer your clients to us! Either way, you will join one of the most rewarding programs around!

So with all of this in mind, is it a surprise that the excellence of our brokerage services has caught the eyes of multiple international awarding bodies? Of course not, and we have a lot more eye-catching coming up, soon!! Follow us on Facebook or twitter to hear of our success stories, and check out all our latest CommexFX reviews for more information!

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Daily Outlook 28-07-2014

Post  commexfx broker on Mon Jul 28, 2014 6:30 pm

The Dollar quality is noticeable all around now however the likelihood a transient top this week may not be completely discounted. Delight in the Dollar rally yet with a bit of alert.

Euro (1.3430) is exchanging at a 8 month low and searches prepared for a voyage to 1.33 or 1.31 in the following few days. Any endeavor to skip will face supply from 1.3475-1.3500.

Dollar-Yen (101.80) keeps exchanging sideways in the scope of 101-102, which still hints at no breaking. On a break over 102, some more skip to 102.25-50 may be seen. Euro-Yen (136.72) is exchanging sideways in 1.3630-1.3730 on the once more of similarly debilitating Euro and a frail Yen however it may even now drop further if neglects to beat 1.3770 levels in the advancing days.

Pound (1.6975) has made a Marubozu week after week candle with solid bearish ramifications in the short term. On the off chance that the former example is kept up, then this progressing amendment may end close to 1.6890 levels before turning around for an alternate new high.

Aussie (0.9395) has been rejected from the larger amounts almost as expected and the 5-week long band of 0.9320-0.9500 may proceed for a couple of more days.

Gold (1302.92) bobbed up forcefully on Friday from 1287 not surprisingly however while beneath 1325, bearish weight still exists. Tumbling to 1280-1260 appears a plausibility in the close term while the general pattern stays down.

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ВІА Гра Live in Cyprus – Sponsored by CommexFX!

Post  commexfx broker on Mon Jul 28, 2014 6:53 pm

In collaboration with Tagcy and Breeze, CommexFX flies VIA Hra (ВІА Гра), one of Russia’s most popular bands, in Cyprus for the first time in a spectacular live performance.

The concert will take place on August 7th in Limassol. The show will see VIA Hra, who are famous all over Russia and Ukraine, bewitch the audience with their stunning looks and eye catching outfits to the rhythm of Russian pop music.

Come join us on this special night at Breeze Summer Club right on the beach under the dancing stars. For reservations please call 70005868.

CommexFX is a CySEC regulated FX broker. Built on excellence and professionalism, they are deeply dedicated to providing their clients with stellar financial services. CommexFX has been awarded by the 2013 CIOT EXPO China as “Best ECN Forex Broker”.

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