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FreshForex — a fresh view on money

Hello, dear Forum members!

I represent “FreshForex” company and will be pleased to answer all questions of your interest. A few words about our company:

company started its operation on the foreign exchange market in 2004 and today it is one of leading players on the Forex market in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). According to “Interfax”, one of the most famous research agencies in CIS, in 2012 year the company took place among Top-10 leading brokers of the Forex Market in Russia.

As of today, the company renders top class service to tens of thousands of traders from Russia, CIS, Europe and South-East Asia. The operation of “FreshForex” on financial market is under the control of KROUFR regulating agency and self-regulated CRFIN agency which guarantees protection of traders' interests in any situation.

We monitor tendencies of financial market and offer our clients only the very best of services. Now advantages of working with “FreshForex” are available not only to traders but to investors as well. The Company has launched “Flagman Invest” investment platform which combines strong points of PAMM accounts with the copying trades service. Thanks to a wide range of instruments and flexible system of reward, this service is comfortable for both investors and managers.

Evaluate advantages of trading with “FreshForex”:

-No minimum deposit
-45 currency pairs, CFD for metals, stocks, futures
-No commission for transactions and account funding
-Instant market execution from 0.1 sec.
-Prompt funding and withdrawal of money via the most popular payment systems
-Daily analysis and forecasts
-Free on-line education
-VIP service for each client
-Up-to-date “Flagman Invest” investment platform – just 100$ to start!
-Control from regulating agencies KROUFR and CRFIN

Promo actions and bonuses offered by “FreshForex”:

-Bonus “33х3” +33% for each replenishment of trading account
-Spreads in half - highest spread payback in Forex – up to $10 per lot
-Insurance against Stop Out - up to 100% of deposited amount is reimbursed once Stop Out occurs
-Non-deposit bons for article – write an interesting article for our educational project “Forex Encyclopedia” and get reward for it

*More details about our company you can learn on our official web-site


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How to Deal with Stress when Trading

Post  commexfx on Fri Mar 20, 2015 7:02 pm

Tell me if you have ever found yourself in the following trading scenario:

You have just suffered a big loss, the biggest you have ever had and are feeling averse to risk- nearly to a level where you see nothing good or safe to trade in.

There is a biological origin to this experience that is very common amongst traders and it, more often than not, creates a negative psychological effect on you. These biological, as well as psychological causes, may have a great impact on your mindset in trading, possibly setting the basis for the future moves in your trading career. However, the great thing is that your brain alongside your trading future can be altered.

Risk in trading

Losses will have an effect on your trading psychology and brain. Cumulative losses will lead to growth of cortisol in your system, too much of this can cause your neurons to fire – which will result in the inability to concentrate and make good trading decisions by re-wiring your brain.

Afterwards of risk in trading

The hippocampus area of the brain records the facts regarding the big losses while, the amygdala records their significance emotionally. The effect of the latter on your trading can be read here.

Stress affects both – releasing hormones, which can heavily affect the performance of your brain. The tendency to recall these trading events increases with exposure to loss and results in increased cortisol and stress levels.

The intensity of these hormones imprints the events in your memory, thus corroding your trading mindset. This makes you draw upon the negative experience whenever a new setup arises when analyzing price action in real time; thus making you greatly risk averse even in the presence of a high-quality signal, thus paralyzing you.

You may also be ‘Shell-shocked’ from the event, but still capable of making a trade – however, these trading decisions may not yield consequences because you would realize when reviewing your trades that there was no setup or pattern at all.

This is as a result of a biological reaction to the stress you experienced and to some traders, without the proper tools; it may affect them for several years or even, they may never recover from it at all, remembering it whenever they trade.

How to change them?

The positive side is that your brain can be rewired and the neural connections can be rebuilt and tuned for success with new connections that overpower this event- making you regain your confidence and make great trades.

One great way of re-wiring your brain for success is by entering a ‘whole-brain state’ where; both hemispheres of your brain operate in an integrated balance that prevents the pumping of stress hormones into your system. This can be avoided by being overly emotional or too emotional. Yoga is another effective way of achieving this.

If you have experienced the aforementioned events and are still experiencing them, then this is a great tool to help you build a successful trading mindset.


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