Friday - Monday GAP Trading Strategy

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Friday - Monday GAP Trading Strategy

Post  HelpMe on Thu Feb 02, 2012 4:26 am

Hello Traders,

I will tell you about a very Easy Trading Strategy known as GAP Trading but i will call it as:

Friday - Monday GAP Trading Strategy

1. Forex Markets closes on Fridays 10pm(22hrs) GMT (Convert to your Time zones).

2. Forex Markets opens on Sunday 10pm (22hrs) GMT (Convert to your Time zones).

3. The closing rates and the opening rates are different every week.

4. This happens as the weekly settlements are done.

5. Sometimes the difference is Huge is some News gets released in the weekend.

How to Trade

Currency - GBPJPY

1. Open the trade just before markets will close on Friday at 9:30 pm GMT.

2. Close the trade just when markets open at 9:30pm GMT on Sunday.

3. You need to be awake at both these times in order to trade this strategy.

4. Which way to trade BUY or SELL will depend on the closing trend. If you see that after the US markets have close the rates are slowly going up means you have to BUY. If going down you have to SELL.

5. You will make 20 pips to 40 pips easily every week.






Note: Choose any currency which you are confortable with.


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Re: Friday - Monday GAP Trading Strategy

Post  ilearn2t on Fri Feb 03, 2012 2:55 am

Hello HelpMe

Great post. thumbsup

If the markets open at 10pm (GMT) Sunday how can we close our trades at 9.30pm Question

True facts suggest that the markets open at 7.00pm on a Sunday for out-of-hours trading and the markets will move up or down depending on which way these traders decide over these few hours.

See live out-of-hours trading here:

Good luck

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