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FXOpen FXOpenFXOpen, one of the largest FOREX market broker companies, invites everybody to engage in the exciting world of trader's competitions! Forex trading, as most businesses, involves substantial risks. And inexperienced traders should not delude themselves into thinking that they can succeed from the start. It takes time and effort to hone your skills and master trading strategies to perfection, before you can make substantial profits. Using FXOpen demo accounts is a great opportunity to try your hand in Forex with an environment that faithfully reproduces live Forex trading conditions and carries no risk of losing real money. All company's efforts are aimed at providing its clients with the cutting-edge technologies for convenient and professional trading. Forex Cup, FXOpen's proprietary developed application, allows FXOpen clients to participate in forex competitions. Forex demo competition is a fun and exciting way to objectively assess your trading skills by competing against other traders. You will also learn to cooperate and share ideas in a team of like-minded traders. By using ForexCup you can trade with virtual money and still experience the whole complexity of a live Forex trading environment. Success in forex trading competition will also earn you some real money bonuses. This is a great way for ambitious newbie traders, who lack initial funds to get started with their live accounts.


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