Fast or slow trading.

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Fast or slow trading.

Post  ilearn2t on Fri Apr 13, 2012 8:51 am

Hello Everyone

Trading is difficult under the best of circumstances and even more difficult if you don't find a suitable time period for your trading strategy.

Knowing when the markets are fast or slow is a must for all traders. So try and find a formula based on your trading, volatile periods of the day increases the probability that the trading pair/s will hit or miss while you are still at your computer.

Slower day periods will favor the longer term trader, these include Friday afternoons, Sunday evenings and most Mondays. The period between 10pm and 1am (UK) each day also tends to be quite light, as the US Session has closed but the Asian Session is not open yet. Also look for days when holidays may effect the markets. If the holiday affects a major market, like the London exchange or and the NYSE, it may affect all currency pairs. Due to these two markets when open times seem to indicate the vast majority of trading activity. A national holiday in the UK or and the U.S. may mean very low trading for the day.

Good luck

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